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Hot oil treatment - Hot oil treatment

In today's part of the series Care for Afro Mixed Children's Hair, I bring you something new. Something new for you, but at the same time something so luxurious and inexpensive that it would be a shame not to mention this method here. So what is it all about? Hot oil treatment.

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What is Hot Oil Treatement?

Hot oil treatment - hot oil treatment - is really a luxury care for dry, brittle hair like you afro and mixed. The right choice of oil is very important, because it is the heat that comes out of it that stretches the hair cuticle. It then retains its hydration and becomes moist, sealed and locked.

Benefits of hot oil treatment

Hot oil treatment care is appropriate throughout the year. However, it benefits the hair the most in the winter cold season, when the hair is very dry and frayed. As we already know from our workshop, for example, afro and mixed skin do not have the ability to be lubricated (or this property is minimal). Hot oil treatment he then helps her with hydration. The treatment prevents excessive drying of the skin and the formation of dandruff or other irritations caused by drought. Another benefit that we simply have to mention is that the hot oil treatment perfuses the scalp, which not only helps to healthier hair, but also faster growth.

Choosing the right oil

Well, since we already know that it is a treatment full of benefits and we are sure that we have to try it, we are faced with a fundamental question. Which oil should I usewhen there are so many? We always use it best natural oils, so no finished oil sera such as Gliss Kur, Elseve and the like. As we have known for a long time, they still do not contain much good. So what does it look like with natural oils?

The ability of oil to penetrate the hair

Oils with a high ability to penetrate the hair:

  • Coconut
  • Amazon ucuuba butter
  • Sunflower
  • Castor oil

Oils with reduced ability to penetrate the hair:

olive oil

Oils that do not have this capability:

High performance oils recommended for hair high porous, strong hair and afro 4+. Oils up reduced ability we recommend for hair finer, however, it is necessary to take into account how heavy the oil is. The lightest oils are apricot, grape and need argan. Oils that do not have this capability are more of a result smooth cosmetic effect (sealing).

Other types of oil separation

At the same time, we differentiate oils according to how much they load the hair. We generally use oils for fine and low-porous hair light.

And on strong and highly porous hair you need to put it on harder caliber:

Well, and to make matters worse, what's in between is just a matter of trying. 😊

Preparation and application of hot oil treatment

Once we have chosen our right oil, we can embark on the preparation and application of the Hot Oil Treatment method itself.

  • Wash your hair

HOT works best on cleansed hair. This allows better penetration into the hair cuticles.

If you use it as a prepoo (protection against washing), then just moisten your hair so that the oil works better.

  • Heat the oil

Heat the oil to a comfortable temperature. The general recommendation is 3-6 tablespoons of oil for 10 seconds.

Always check the temperature and do not sleep!

  • You comb your hair

The oil spreads evenly evenly along the entire length of the hair fibers.

  • Treat yourself to a head massage

Not only will this help the oil work better in the scalp, but it will also improve blood circulation, which promotes hair growth and reduces hair loss. Plus, it's just nice!

  • Cover your hair

A microtene bag, a bathing cap or anything non-absorbent that comes to mind.

This will help to better insulate the heat and save clothes and various parts of the furniture. If you have low-porous hair that has trouble taking anything, blow on a medium-temperature hair dryer.

  • Let it work

Now it's the long-awaited relaxation. 20 minutes is enough to start. Depending on the result, you can add time or subtract time next time.

  • Wash out

After 20 minutes, wash the hair oil thoroughly. For fine hair, I recommend using it low poo shampooto prevent unwanted greasing. Of the strong, highly porous ones, you only need to wash them thoroughly with water. Then use conditioner a conditioner.

Hot oil treatment is suitable to eat every week. In the case of thick hair such as afro type 4, it can be used every few days.

And if you already know how to do it, get involved and I will be looking forward to seeing you in the next part. 😊

Your Margaret


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