I offer

Professional consultations (Online)

I provide professional consultations based on my own experience:

  • 10 years of contact with the African community
  • 7 years of relationship with her husband
  • 6 years stay in Togo

Tourism area

West Africa She is beautiful and definitely worth it visit. Unfortunately, it's just there tourism industry in diapers and there are not many travel agencies that will take care of tourists after arriving in the country.

You want to visit Togo, Ghana or Benin and you don't know what needs to be arranged before departure?

You are even afraid to travel to these countries because you do not know what the country is like political and security situation?

You need local guide for the countries mentioned above?

You want to visit so the most interesting places for tourists?

The consultation includes:

  • A list of things what not to forget before leaving
  • Turistic Guide - PDF form
  • Updated analysis of the security and political situation
  • Important contacts to doctors, hotels or administrative staff
  • Connection with local guide

Area of ​​partnerships

Interpersonal relationshipAnd especially those partners are a very challenging area. They need to be cared for, well communicated, there was mutual respect and tolerance. The relationship must be managed differently opinions, attitudes, ideas and other obstacles. Let's add a difference cultures, religions or language barriers and we're working on a problem.

You have partner from Africa and you can't do it together solve partnership problems?

You resolve disputes regarding finances, cultural disagreements, the question of where you settle or do you ask why the partner behaves one way or another?

The consultation will take place online via Skype, email or whatsapp. Personal meetings are possible in Pardubice.

I will be during the consultation :

  • Analyze the problem
  • I determine the points that need to be worked on
  • I will suggest a solution to the problem


Area of ​​education and child care

Educate a child whose parents are of different cultures can be a big challenge. You will meet different environmental reactions, you will probably solve the question of racism, biligvism and at a later age as it will be develop identity child and a question multiculturality.

You want your baby spoke multiple languages and you don't know how to apply the bilingual method?

You want to develop in your child multiculturalism?

You are interested in how to teach your child to respond to unsolicited reactions of the environment regarding his differences?

You are fighting with afro hair your offspring and you are interested in both of them and sensitive skin take care of?

The consultation will depend on the problem you need to solve. The consultation takes place online or in person in Pardubice.

During the consultation I will:

  • Analyze the problem
  • I determine the points that need to be worked on
  • I will suggest a solution to the problem


I write professional and PR articles related to African topics

Providing lectures

About life in Africa, about African traditions and history for schools (free) or public libraries

Translation and interpreting services

I offer professional and non-professional translations of Z and DO in English and French.


Price list

* Tourism area 1000 CZK
* Area of ​​partnerships 2000 CZK
(of which CZK 1000 is a deposit and CZK 1000 is a surcharge upon successful resolution of the problem)
* Area of ​​education and care of children 2000 CZK
(of which CZK 1000 is a deposit and CZK 1000 is a surcharge upon successful resolution of the problem)
Copywriting 500 CZK / NS
Lectures Adult - 199 CZK
Children - Free
Translation activity 350 - 500 CZK / NS


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Perfect consultation in the form of a webinar on the topic of afro hair. Thank you!

- Lenka E. Černá