Macrame or scrubbing, is a handmade decoration from natural substances. The principle of knotting is used for the creation, which leads to the creation of individual patterns. Hooks and needles are not used for production. Name macrame comes from Arabic.

We use 100% for the production of macrame cotton and natural dried and processed wood.

For cotton dyeing we use natural substances such as coffee, beets, turmeric and other raw materials.

Every decorative element I offer is unique and made with great care. We try to produce more diverse decorations than a few copies, thus guaranteeing that in your boho corner finds a pattern that no one else has. However, if you like a pattern that is already sold out, we will be happy to make it again at your request.


Shea butter smells beautiful, is easy to spread and the son has visibly better skin. Afro hair the same, only it must not be overdone with the butter, his hair smelled like this for two days. When we run out, we will definitely buy again.

- Christina

My son suffered a lot from dry skin and since we started using this product, we no longer have dry skin and top for our hair and hair treatment !! We will definitely only buy this product, I highly recommend it !!!

- Dorotea

Hello, I would like to thank Mrs. Markéta Jelenová. We met this lady on Facebook in a group that deals with curly hair. I asked for help because I no longer knew where to go. Markéta advised me on preparations, procedures and suggested possible solutions to my problems. She chose with me products that are suitable for my fine hair and patiently helped with the selection. Instead of buying products one by one, I focused on products that fit my mane. 😀. I'm starting a new journey and it's starting to prosper. Now Markéta is helping me with the selection of other helpers and I am looking forward to her favor. What more to add. I recommend ♥ ️❤️ ♥ ️

- Šárka H.

Perfect consultation in the form of a webinar on the topic of afro hair. Thank you!

- Lenka E. Černá