African recipes

In this section I will insert my own recipes from Czech ingredients adapted to African cuisine. I will also add recipes that are not typically African, but still taste good to my husband, so they can be an inspiration for another multi-cult family.

  • African recipes,  Healthy food

    She made avocado

    The first recipe from a healthy diet that I will publish here will be Nutella from avocado! So I'm starting with a big stone, which was prepared for me by the wonderful Katka, the mother of three children and the founder of the blog Kitchen without Borders.

  • African recipes

    Yébésséssi sauce

    Yébésséssi sauce, one of the typical sauces of southern Togo. It is an uncooked and very spicy tomato sauce. It is most often supplemented with the so-called la pate = boiled corn flour, see opening image, and about fried…

  • African recipes

    Milk couscous

    Milk couscous is a very simple dessert that is suitable for breakfast or an afternoon snack. The advantage is that it is popular with children and its preparation is quite fast. More inspiration of African desserts you can…


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