Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Are you going to Togo and you are wondering what to arrange before and after your arrival? I understand you! I had it the same way. That's why I decided to create a Frequently Asked Questions page and in it I will briefly answer your questions. Haven't found the answer to your question yet? So click on ASK :-) below. 


The best way to get a visa to Togo is to arrange it on the spot, upon arrival in the country. It would be very complicated from the Czech Republic, as the nearest Embassy of Togo is located in Berlin. You will find out how I traveled to Togo <a href="" data-gt-href-en="">HERE</a>.

1) Upon arrival in the country, you will pass a passport control at the airport, you will pay 15 cfa, which is about 20 euros, and thus you get a so - called temporary visa, which lasts only 7 days. I reckon you haven't traveled that far for 7 days, so move on to the next point.

2) You must come to the Visa Section within 7 days (Immigration service), located in Agoe at the Togocel branch. Just tell the taxi driver that you are going to Agoe for a visa and everyone will know. Visa applications are submitted every morning!

3) Get ready 3 passport photos (if you don't, they'll take a photo of you in front of the office on the street), 500 cfato pay for the form and you can line up. Please be patient here. It pays to have sharp elbows and fight your way to the turn. It's also good to mention that the officials are not nice at all! 

4) Submit the completed form. It is always good to contact a local guide or the place where you are staying.

5) Next day in the afternoon you come for ready-made visas

Parental leave (also applies to other countries)

Have you decided to live in Togo and do you have or are planning a family? Wondering if you are entitled to a parental allowance?
I'm sorry to disappoint you!
Even if you have worked for a Czech company for a long time and regularly paid taxes, you can apply for DP only and only if you have to residence in the Czech Republic. What does it mean? Simply that for the duration of receiving DP you must stay in the Czech Republic. When you leave the borders of the Czech Republic, your right to receive DP expires.
Maybe now you're wondering how the authorities will find out that I left the country? 
They will find out, in particular, that you and your child will probably sign out of VZP. 
In case you left and were still registered under VZP (which is possible), you would have to visit your child's pediatrician regularly. Which I reckon will not be possible from Africa. The pediatrician would then be forced to report to VZP that you are not visiting him and the carousel begins. 
The only way out of this is either not to travel or to accept that you will not receive DPs.

In Togo, forget about DP 🙂

Health insurance

You must have health insurance for the duration of your stay in Togo. Either you keep VZP and you send money to the Czech Republic on a monthly basis, which, however, does not cover minor medical procedures in Togo and is retroactively connected with the complex administration of invoicing, etc. Or you cancel it in the Czech Republic and set up new ones in Togo (I recommend).

In Togo you can be insured either on the basis of an employment contract, which you sign - always check that your health insurance is included in the contract, as VZP will require it for you retrospectively when registering in the Czech Republic. The contract should specify in detail what your health insurance, covered by the employer, covers (eg medical expenses, injuries at work, reimbursement of medicines, etc.)

If you are married and do not work, you are covered by the health insurance of your employed spouse, again it is important that you are listed in his employment contract as an insured person - so I had it on the nursery furnished me

The last option is to pay private health insurance. This is more expensive, but the most advantageous. For each company, you will have a list of medical procedures for which you are insured and what the health insurance company will reimburse you for. I chose this option after the birth of my son, when I wanted to be 100% sure that my son was insured for everything. As far as I remember, with such insurance, medical expenses are covered by 80% by the insurance company. I recommend this private health insurance company - ASCOMA

Procedure associated with the arrival of a family member from abroad

I discuss everything in podcast Mom from Africa.


To travel to Toga is required only vaccination against yellow fever. Such vaccination should be resumed after 10 years.

In addition, hepatitis A + B and typhoid fever are recommended for this vaccination.


Na malaria a lot of you ask me. It is known that this disease evokes fear and a certain respect. On the other hand, people are not properly informed about this disease. Now let's really imagine this disease.

Malaria is transmitted by a mosquito - a female - of the genus Anopheles in tropical areas.

Between main symptoms of malaria These include muscle and joint pain, fever and chills. One feels very weak and if antimalarials are not provided in time, the patient must be taken to hospital.

Malaria does not exist in a single stage, there are multiple stages, and only the most severe stage can cause death. In Togo, there was mostly talk of the mildest stage, which the locals did not call malaria, but paludism.

How to protect yourself from malaria?

  • Sleep under a mosquito net
  • Stay in cool air-conditioned rooms
  • Use insecticides
  • Use mosquito sprays, especially in nature!
  • Medication

Taking antimalarials

Antimalarials are certainly a very effective protection against malaria, however, I have never taken them as prevention due to adverse side effects. However, they were given to me during pregnancy.

If you are not protected by medication and you get malaria, you need to go to the pharmacy immediately, where they will know what antimalarial you submit. In case of acute malaria, it is necessary to go to the hospital immediately.

Note: locals perceive malaria as a worse flu. They often go through it in their lifetime and do not take it as seriously as it is presented here.



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